Sign-up for the exclusive preview of Wowanders app

As part of the Clarion X HDW Helsinki Design Walking tour on May 7th you have an exclusive opportunity to test World’s smartest travel diary app Wowanders – a new app only to be released in June but now available for you as a preview.

Wowanders app makes sure you never forget the places you visit while travelling: it automatically identifies the hotels, sights and restaurants you visit and asks if you want to add them to your diary. After the trip, it’s also super easy to share the highlights of your trip as recommendations – check out this example with great content by Clarion & HDW.

As part of our partnership with Clarion & Helsinki Design Week, the app will also include exclusive tips about places to visit for design lovers.

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Why do we ask your email? To send you the details on how to sign up for Apple’s and Google’s beta testing programs and start testing the app.

PS. We will also be joining the beginning of the walking tour on May 7th in case you have any questions or feedback!