Wowanders app automatically builds you a travel diary

When you’re travelling, Wowanders app automatically identifies the most memorable places you visit. This means you have the details of the hotels you stayed at along with restaurant and sights easily at hand for future whether you want to relive those special moments or just check the details of those places.

All you have to do is travel and take pictures of the places you like, after which Wowanders app will ask you to confirm if you want to add the place to your diary.

It’s all private – unless you decide otherwise

Your memories are yours, and only yours. This is why everything you record with Wowanders is private, unless you decide otherwise.

Share tips easily with friends

Do your friends ask you for tips about places you have visited? Wowanders makes it easy to share your top restaurant and sight recommendations with friends.

Join our testing group

The development of the Wowanders app is currently in alpha phase which means it has some cliches but in general it works. To improve it and make it the best travel app in the world, we need your help! That’s why we’re inviting a small group of travelers to join our testing group. In order to test the app you must comply with the following:

  • answer screening questionnaire (below)
  • travel at least once during Dec 2017 – Feb 2018
  • answer a short questionnaire at the end of the pilot (max 10min)
  • join “Wowanders testers” group in Facebook. This is where we share tips, collect feedback and help you if you have a problem using the app. We will send you a link to the group after reading your registration questionnaire.

If you don’t want to test the app now, you can also let us know your email with the below form and we will let you know when the app becomes publicly available!


NOTE: if you want to join the test group YOU MUST answer all the above questions!