Looking for CTO / Lead Developer

Do you have strong experience from either one of the below or both
  • Android & iOS application development,
  • Back-end development with understanding of location APIs, complex databases and AI (currently using .NET)
Are you
  • passionate about understanding the customer and building amazing UX
  • wanting to join a start-up with significant growth potential

And if you enjoy exploring the world by traveling that is a definite bonus!

We are an early-stage start-up and offer you
  • CTO / Lead developer role
    • leading the technical definition & development of a new kind of travel app with a proven need in the market
    • option of either becoming an employee or founder, depending on your situation and competencies (compensation accordingly)
  • Super team
    • 2 women founders with MSc in engineering but passion for business
    • 30y+ working experience from both small and large companies in international consumer business
  • Validated problem, big vision and scaleable revenue model

Join our journey of building the next big thing in travel!


If you are interested in joining our driven and experienced team, please get in touch:

Taru: +358 50 372 9031, skype taru.aalto,
Maija: +358 50 4801477, skype kaukonen.maija,